)(Fat Slimmer Your Personal Guide to Stay in Shape
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The Purpose of This Site
  • By entering only four personal data: sex, age, weight and height to get a complete status of your body plus a plan to get fit and the impact of exercises and intake food.
  • To know how far are the characteristic of your body compare with standards approved by clinicians.
  • To restore the caloric balance between what you needed for maintaining your body existence regardless any physical activity (so called BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate) plus the energy burned by exercise, and the calories given by food.
  • To be an informational site about the effect of calories on your body.
  • To get started select All-in-one or Diary
  • , for Diary you must login and data will be store in database.
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  • You must 18 years or older and if you are sick consult your doctor about using this site.It is not a medical site.
What you have :
  • Choose Food From :
  • 7,519 records of sr 20 USDA database
  • Enter MET and get calories.
  • Use Pedometer extender :
  • Enter steps and get calories
To Do Daily
  • Every night:
  • Analyze body status.
  • Accept the plan or make yours.
  • Plan your exercise and food.
  • Print the report .
  • During Day:
  • Try to get stick with the plan.
  • Annotate differences from the plan
  • Analyze status.
Keep in mind and what you need
  • Keep in mind :
  • 1`Lbs of fat means 3,500 Calories .
  • Don't eat less than 1,200 Calories !
  • Count every calories !
  • Whatch what you eat !
  • What you need:
  • Pedometer with or without calories counter .
  • Nutritional scale or food scale.
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